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Sushi Go



Great game for any parent looking to reinforce probability, visual discrimination and strategic thinking

Sushi Go
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This is another good game to exercise your brain. Check out what others have to say about this super fun card game:

"We absolutely love this game! We had the smaller deck and it took a couple hands and a YouTube video to figure out, but we loved it so much we got this one!

Warning, if you haven't played the original deck, doing both of these the first time out of the chute will probably be overwhelming. Good news about this, though, is the beginner deck comes individually wrapped as does the expansion deck. The beginner deck is the one with the sashimi, wasabi, tempura, chopsticks, maki rolls, and a few others.

You will also find heavy card slates that represent each type of card. These are helpful for reminders of what the cards are all about. The game board and pieces are not necessary, but helpful.
It is such a fun game, but it does take a little time to learn! It isn't Uno! ;). Enjoy!"

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