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Zingo Sight Words


Think Fun

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Zingo Sight Words
Read Doc

This game is terrific! It develops critical skills – perfect for pre-readers and early readers, teaches recognition of essential words. Look at what this parent has to say about Zingo:

"Best. Game. Ever.
I have two daughters, one whom has Apraxia of speech and the other who is a beginning reader. The pictures ensure that my younger daughter (with Apraxia) can still independently play, while it encourages both my children to read aloud the object. This game requires no adult help, so my daughters will literally spend hours playing this game together. It is super sturdy game with thick, sturdy, double sided cardboard bingo cards and the text and pictures on the yellow “chips” have no scratching or fading from frequent overuse; we do have problems sticking the discarded yellow chips back in on one side of the Zingo machine if it’s not placed in the slot *just so*, but I’m sure it’s from an overzealous preschooler and not the manufacturer. This game is now my go-to gift for any birthday party we are invited to and my girls are always requesting to pack it to bring with to friends and families houses. Buy it. Buy it now. You won’t regret it!"

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