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Using Toys to Promote Language Development

"Our three strategies for helping children with language are easy and carry over well into the home environment."


Kelsey Dalene and Anna Beth Cunningham

Insightful parent chat with Kelsey and Anna Beth discussing three language-producing strategies

Using Toys to Promote Language Development
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By the time a child is 5 years of age, they should have about 1500 words in their vocabulary. Unfortunately, we see a number of children that do not utter their first word until they come into our office. While this is a very exciting moment, it is one that we wish to prevent.

The good news is we have three terrific strategies for helping children accelerate their vocabulary and language growth:

- Giving Choices

- Modeling

- Expanding on Utterances

If parents watch this video they will be able to get started on using these strategies in the home with their children. Watch this video today and see how our strategies can help you if you think your child struggles with speech or vocabulary.

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