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Everyday Items for Speech & Language Development

Buying a new toy for your toddler is always fun and exciting. However, everyday items that we all have around the house can be just as therapeutic as buying a new toy for your toddler. Often times, toddlers are more excited by these everyday items than new toys! Below, I have listed 5 everyday objects that I am sure you have at home, and ideas to promote speech and language development for your toddler.

1. Paper Towel Rolls

Before you throw them away- let your child have some fun! Use paper towel rolls as tunnels for cars, build a towers or rocket ship, or pretend that the roll is a telescope. Practice prepositions by using the words “in, out, through” if you decide to play with cars. Several action words can be targeted while playing with paper towel rolls, such as “stack, build, knock down”. If your child wants to pretend he is an explorer with a telescope, go outside in the backyard and see what he can spot!

2. Plastic Cups

Plastic cups are easy to stack, build, and knock down. If you have a variety of colors, the cups can also be used to label colors or practice counting. Another fun activity is to fill the cups with water and put various small, plastic objects in the cups. Talk with your child about what is in each cup.

3. Pillows

Who doesn’t like to have a pillow fight?! Besides having a pillow fight, you can use pillows to make an obstacle course that you have to “jump over, throw, stack”. Pretend the pillows are stepping stones that you have to hop on to get to the other side of the room. Hide different objects under the pillow and give your child a hint about what is hidden- let them try to guess what is hidden under the pillow!

4. Cotton Balls

Another staple item in any bathroom! Cotton balls can be used to dip in different paint colors and make pictures, or you can glue them onto a blue piece of construction paper to make different shapes of clouds.

5. Pots and Pans

Get ready for lots of noise! Make a family band and tap a pot or pan with a wooden spoon while you sing your child’s favorite song. You can also break out the plastic food and help your toddler cook a meal for his or her favorite stuffed animal. Practice using action words that are used during cooking, such as: stir, mix, pour, heat, and clean.

Of course, these are only a few examples of everyday household items that can promote your child's speech and language development. Get creative and remember to have fun! Leave us a comment and let us know what everyday household objects you like to use with your toddler.

If you are concerned about your toddler's speech, language, or play skills, reach out to Buckhead Speech Specialists today via email or phone. Contact or call 404-808-5427.

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