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The impact of speech and language problems

"...results provide strong evidence to indicate that all children who present with an SLP in kindergarten face further academic challenges, even if their SLP resolves over time."


Magdalena Janus, Chantal Labonte, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Scott Davies, Erik Duku

A scholarly article that school administrators should read. This is a thorough study that supports the conclusion that if speech disorders are not treated early, they can have long term affects on academic performance.

The impact of speech and language problems
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This article is the reason why we partner with private schools to provide state of the art speech and language therapy. Schools know and understand the value of treating students as early as possible.

If you wait to treat students with speech and language disorders, it will get worse as time goes on. In addition to the disorder getting worse, there is also evidence to suggest that any remediation of the disorder through therapy may in fact disappear and the child will more quickly regress if therapy is done later in life.

Call us today and set up a meeting so we can tell you more about how we can help your students. Our services will provide your school with capabilities that children with speech disorders need sooner rather than later.

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