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Nothing motivates us more than seeing speech therapy resulting in the happiness of our clients.

Anna Beth has been such a wonderful therapist. She calmly worked with our son to help his stutter. He looked forward to seeing her each week and always thought it was "play time" with Ms. Anna Beth! His speech and fluency has improved so much and we could not be happier!

From parents of a child who stutters

“My pediatrician recommended Kelsey when my husband and I noticed our 4 year old son was stuttering. Kelsey greeted us warmly at the front door for our first session and my son, Jack (who is at times hesitant to engage with new people), happily ran into her office. He had so much fun playing with Kelsey, it became a treat to see her each week!

With regard to the therapy, Kelsey was very attuned to Jack’s speech patterns; she was able to articulate what she was hearing and what my husband and I could do to help him slow down his speech and reduce stuttering.

We are so appreciative and thankful for her time with Jack and would recommend her to any parent who is looking for a speech therapist.”


“We were referred to Kelsey through our elementary school’s speech evaluation process. Our son had difficulty enunciating a few letters. Through weekly sessions, he made incredible progress in a short amount of time. He truly enjoyed his time with Kelsey. Not only is she an excellent speech pathologist, she is kind and caring and was truly invested in our son. Through her support and encouragement, he worked hard, overcame his problems and regained his confidence. The experience could not have been any better. Thank you Kelsey for all you have done for our family!”

Parent of 10 year old client

Ms Kelsey is the best speech therapist you will find out there. Our experience with her has changed our lives. Our son had only 3 words by 21-months, and after 1 month with Ms Kelsey, twice a week, he went up to 50 words! We have no words to thank the excellent service and love Ms Kelsey has dedicated to our son; as well as how patient and sympathetic she has been with our concerns, always very responsive and clear with her explanations. She has changed our lives forever and we will be forever grateful!

Parent of a 3 year old

“Kelsey started working with my five-year-old daughter in the fall, because she was having trouble with her s and z sounds. After six months, my daughter’s speech has improved tremendously. Kelsey has been kind, patient and engaging. My daughter loved going to see Kelsey and her confidence in speaking up has soared. I recommend Buckhead Speech Specialists to anyone!”

Parent of a 5 year old client

I can’t say enough about how amazing Camille was in working with our daughter. She went from having less than 20 word to speaking 4 words sentences in 3 months. It is so much fun watching her express herself and communicate with us.
-Parent of a 2.45 year old

Parent of a Late-Talker

Kelsey has been working with our daughter for nearly a year and we are very pleased with her progress. Our first-grader has become much more intelligible to folks outside our immediate family and she feels more confident speaking to other people.

Kelsey sees our daughter at her school (so convenient!) and always makes time for office appointments when school is on vacation. She is patient, positive and our daughter enjoys working with Miss Kelsey every week.

Parent of an articulation client

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