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Buckhead Speech Specialists Services

Does my child need therapy?

Buckhead Speech Specialists Services

What are receptive and expressive disorders?

Buckhead Speech Specialists Services

Do you take insurance?

Buckhead Speech Specialists Services

What services do you provide?


Why should your private school become a 'Buckhead Speech' school?

Parents send their children to private school because they want to make a significant difference in the life of their child. Simply put, they want the best for their children. They especially want the best for their child if their child has any speech, language, or learning challenges. Our one of a kind approach is the best you will find in Atlanta. Parents not only want the best for their children, but they also want the convenience of not having to take their children out of school. Taking children out of school is not just disruptive to the parent, but the child as well. Children that struggle to communicate often struggle academically, so missing classes puts an extra burden on parents.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All clients are required to keep a current credit card on file, which will be charged at the end of the month. You will need to fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form found in the Contact section of this website. This is a HIPAA compliant and encrypted form that allows you to enter your information securely.

Do you take insurance?

We are in-network with Aetna, United Healthcare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia. We are considered an out-of-network provider for all other insurances. If our practice is out-of-network for your insurance, we will be happy to provide you with statements that include all the information needed to seek out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

How long does therapy take?

The short answer is, 'it depends'. No two children suffer from the same disorders to the same degree. As a guide however, you can expect to have your child in a given session from anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes at a time. The frequency of the sessions will depend on the child's age, the disorder(s), and the overall custom treatment plan we recoomend which is different for every child.

What services do you provide?

We provide pediatric speech and language therapy services. You can find a list of our services on the Home Page of this website. We focus on speech and language for children in social and academic environments which is why we are so popular with schools.


Articulation Disorders

A speech disorder involving difficulties in articulating specific types of sounds. Articulation disorders often involve substitution of one sound for another, slurring of speech, or indistinct speech.

Pragmatic Language Delay

Children who have a delay in pragmatic language have difficulty understanding how to use language when more than one person (the child) is involved.

Since a large portion of our social communication doesn’t involve actual talking, pragmatic language encompasses both verbal and nonverbal rules that dictate social interactions.

Receptive and Expressive Language

Receptive language means the ability to understand information. It involves understanding the words, sentences, and meaning of what others say or what is read.

Expressive language means being able to put thoughts into words and sentences, in a way that makes sense and is grammatically accurate.