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We Partner with Private Schools

Make your students better and your school stand out by offering state of the art speech and language services right in the classroom.

Why Schools Love Us

Parents want the absolute best for their children.  This is why they send their children to private schools.

Set your private school apart by offering our the best speech and language therapy in the Atlanta area.  Since we do not offer our services to public schools, this is your chance to set your school apart.    


Elite Service Offering

Parents have very tight schedules.  Taking children to a therapist after school is often difficult.  Taking a child out of school (when they are probably not doing well in school) is even more difficult.

When your school partners with us, we can offer our therapy right there in the classroom.  The added bonus of doing this is that the child can apply what they learn right away in an environment they need their speech skills the most.



Better Performance

The core mission of any school is to provide the best education possible.  Students with speech or language disorders cannot take full advantage of their education.

Better communicators make better students.  Partner with us today and we can help your students excel in and out of the classroom.

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