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Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf has become a worldwide phenomenon, and a Christmas tradition for many families. This sneaky elf shows up shortly after Thanksgiving, and continues to move around the house and get into a little trouble until Christmas.

While many parents view Elf on the Shelf as a fun (albeit exhausting) little game, it is worthwhile to think about all the opportunities for language development this little guy creates!

If you have a late-talking toddler, parents can model simple verbalizations such as "uh-oh!" or "no-no!" when your child finds the elf doing something tricky.

Another opportunity for language development is modeling different phrases for your child and waiting for him or her to repeat, such as "night-night Elfie", or "Elfie, where are you?"

For parents of preschool or early elementary-aged children, this is a wonderful time to practice spatial concepts. Wherever Elfie ends up, have your child describe his location. Don't forget to provide choices for your child if that is their current level of functioning. For example, "Where is Elfie? Is he under the table or beside the fireplace?"

See, working on language skills can be fun and this is one easy way to build some practice opportunities into your everyday life around Christmas time.

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